Congratulations to all those Auditioned for Made In Dagenham, the panel had some very tough decisions!

The cast list is as follows:


Rita – Juliet Thomas

Beryl Mandi – Mandi Threadgold-Smith

Connie – Lisa Harris

Sandra – Charlotte Cavedasca

Clare – Sian Prideaux

Cass – Kerry Cooke

Jo – Sarah Mayes

Lisa Hopkins – Sophie French

Barbara Castle – Clare Markey

Sharon – Sophie Cooke

Eddie – Martin Harris

Monty – Andy Gillett

Sid/Aide – Mick Kiel

Bill/Gregory Hubble/Aide – Alli Smith

Barry/Chubby/Cortina – Jamie Fudge

Mr Hopkins – Lloyd Bonson

Mr. Tooley – Bob Southgate

Ron Macer – Mike Toft

Harold Wilson – Jon Keeler

Mr. Buckton – Graham Greenaway

Graham – Sam Johnson

Backing singers:

Maisie Threadgold-Smith
Sarah Woehrle
Ruth Downie



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