The subscription year runs from 1st September to 31st August. When joining the society you will be expected to pay an up front fee of £60, this will cover your first 5 months of membership.


This is available to anyone wishing to act, sing or dance in any of the Society productions, provided that they can demonstrate their suitability to the satisfaction of the Society’s Committee.The cost of “performers” membership is spread out over the year by paying £12 a month via Standing Order, once you have paid your upfront Fees, upon joining. Of course, any financial situations will always be taken into consideration. For more information please contact Lisa at


Junior performing members are all those under 18. The Society does have a youth group known as “BOSSY”, for children aged between 11 and 18. For more information and audition details, please email


Off Stage membership is for those who do not wish to sing, act or dance but would like to be involved as part of a production team or in an administrative capacity (for example stage crew, props team, make-up, front of house, publicity).


If you have ever thought about being part of a amateur dramatic production, maybe on stage performing or off stage working behind the scenes, then feel free to contact us at




All performing members are required to audition to join the society. We will ask you to sing a song of your choice and ask that you provide the sheet music or the backing track, with something to play it on.

If you would like to be considered for any of the principals in our next show you will be required to audition. However should you just like to be in the chorus you will not need to audition again.


Rehearsals take place on Thursday’s between 7.30pm -10pm. We do rehearse on Tuesday’s as well but this are generally kept for principal rehearsals. up until a month before the show, where you are expected to rehearse on both days. We may have a couple of Sunday’s rehearsals but these again, will generally be closer towards the show. You will be issued with a rehearsal schedule at the start of each production.

We are a friendly and welcoming group and whilst we are only an amateur society, we do like to put on the most professional production possible, so be prepared to be put in the hard work, because the results are amazing!


We like to think we are very happy and social society and try to arrange activities outside the rehearsal period. Some of the members venture to the pub on a Thursday evening, after rehearsals! We have a social committee within the society who are working hard to organise up and coming events, so watch this space!




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