The Pirates of Penzance

What a week we had! The Pirates of Penzance was a superb success for the society! As it was our fundraiser show, it was fantastic to have 3 sell out nights and some brilliant responses from all that came and watched. Your support means so much to us and we hope to see you at our next show in October! 


Director – Alli Smith

Musical Director – Patrick Tucker

FrederickIan Southgate

Mabel – Marcia Alderson

Pirate King – Alastair McIlwraith

Major General Stanley  – Martin Harris 

Ruth – Sarah Mayes

Sergeant – Mick Kiel

Edith – Lisa Harris

Kate – Amy Newland

Isabel – Emily Funnell


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Brentwood Operatic                                                 The Pirates Of Penzance

Director –                    Alli Smith

Musical Director –       Patrick Tucker

Performed at The Brentwood Theatre on Friday 15 April 2016 at  8pm

Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas seem to be having a bit of a revival, although they were never really out of fashion.  The joy of this particular show is that is can be re-interpreted in any period and it still works well.
Director Alli Smith chose a time in the future, which gave plenty of scope for some interesting costumes, all of which I loved!  The simple set was absolutely fine for the show with the use of simple pieces of moveable scenery there was no need for an elaborate set.

All the company gave excellent performances; there is a lot of talent in this society and it is nice to see it being utilised so well.  Ian Southgate (Frederic) gave his usual well considered and strong performance and Marcia Alderson was a revelation as Mabel, such an effortless and beautiful singing voice, it was a pleasure to watch her singing.

Martin Harris was terrific as Major-General Stanley.    Martin has mastered the art of the G&S ‘speciality’ song so well and his performance of A Modern Major General was a joy to witness.  Alastair McIlwraith was excellent as the Pirate King and his cohort of pirates all had great individual characters.  Sarah Mayes (Ruth) gave a good performance in this role, which is often overlooked as principal character.   The sisters were all well portrayed and the individuality of their costumes came out in their characterisations as well.

The ensemble worked really hard and giving the policemen a futuristic uniform was an inspired idea, allowing the director to switch performers into the roles as needed.  This was a small company, by G&S standards, but the performance worked on all levels.

Thank you for your hospitality, BOS, I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Tessa Davies

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